This is the page no-one likes to read “the elephant in the room” as they say, though usually has the information they were wondering about.


Whilst nearly all of our quotations refer to these Terms & Conditions, any Terms & Conditions specifically listed in a quotation take precedence over these. Terms & Conditions may change without notice.


We will not fly in contravention of Federal or Local Law, our UAV Operators Certificate nor CASA regulations.
For additional safety and quality reasons we will not fly:

  • in wet weather (our cameras don’t have windscreen wipers)
  • when winds exceed 30km (whilst able to handle higher winds, control is diminished in these conditions noticeably)
  • when there is high solar flare (Kp index) activity (this can affect electronic control of the craft)
  • within 5Nm of a bush fire (the water bombers have hard enough time doing their great work)

Whilst appearing onerous it is rare that with our forward planning any of these will affect your project, if it does BRAVO DRONES will arrange an alternative date agreeable with the client should this be the case.

We do fly if weather is simply overcast/cloudy unless the agreement is that it must be clear skies.


BRAVO DRONES retains copyright and ownership of all photographs/videos. Upon receipt of payment the client is licensed to use photographs/videos unless stated otherwise in the quotation. BRAVO DRONES retains the right to use photographs/videos for our advertising and social media unless agreed otherwise prior. Supplied images and footage cannot be resold, relicensed or distributed unless agreed prior with BRAVO DRONES. Should you wish to own the supplied images/footage outright please contact us for further information.

Storage / Backup

BRAVO DRONES will retain backup copies of your project for one year.

Loss or Delay

BRAVO DRONES is not liable for any loss of income as a result in delay of supply of products or services for matters beyond our control.


The client is to ensure they have prior land/property owner permission. Site contact and approval details are to be supplied to BRAVO DRONES prior to the shoot.

Additional expenses

At times projects generate additional expenses. Our quoting system itemises these for your clarity for you to approve before any work commences. These costs/expenses will be payable by the client prior to the projects commencement. Some examples of possible additional expenses are:

  1. Fees/applications to authorities to enable operations to legally be carried out. Most projects do no require these, however if they affect the project they will be passed directly to the client for payment unless otherwise quoted/agreed.
  2. Local travel. We consider the typical 1 hour commute time as included in our projects most of our project fall within this. Outside this the quote will show the expected costs.
  3. Interstate travel expenses such as air travel, excess baggage, accommodation and per diem rates will be itemized.
  4. Inductions to conform to company OH&S procedures. The cost of any course or induction is the clients responsibility. A per hour / per person fee will be charged for this time.

Postponements / Cancellations

Projects do get postponed or cancelled, thats a fact of life. Where a project is cancelled and BRAVO DRONES has not been advised and we turn up, do the work as quoted the full quote fee is payable by the client.

Cancellations made less then 24 hours of the agreed booking date shall be charged 25% of the quoted fee. If greater then 24 hours notice is given no fee will be charged.


Full payment is due 14 days from date of invoice unless stated otherwise. Payment can be made by direct deposit or PayPal as will be shown on the invoice.

Finally …

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask so we put your mind at ease so you can enjoy the project as much as we will.